Sunday, March 12, 2006

My FIRST "12 of 12"

I think you can call it a work of "viral art!"

My friend JimmyD led me to this sort of nifty concept in 'communal blogging' by a guy named Chad somewhere in Los Angeles. The rules are: "You must take and post 12 pictures during the day. They can start as early as rolling out of bed and late as going to bed. Any 12.
It is encouraged that you be in the pic (and new rule - you don't HAVE to have a piece of your body in the pic - but it must be something interesting).
" Simple enough and sort of an interesting exercise.

You may notice I have a certain focus on toilets. Well. That's what happens after you've had your colon removed... ;)

We begin:

My first stop, after finishing breakfast
at the Squat and Gobble in the Castro.

Then, a visit to Tower Video, which was followed immediately by a visit to
Cafe Flore.

After the movie and lunch with JimmyD, I stopped by his and Kevin's place to use
their bathroom.

And finally, the last stop of the afternoon.