Saturday, May 13, 2006

12 of May 12

Per Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 Project:
"You take 12 pics of anything - on the 12th of each month. YOU own the rights to all of your pictures - they will not be sold into a coffee table book at the end of the year (though the concept IS mine). They can be of anything. The idea is HOW did YOU live the life YOU did on the 12th of that month. By checking all the links once they are compiled, you get to see how people lived the same day all over the world. The original concept was that there had to be at least one body part in the pic. That idea has slowly diminished. 12 pics.

This time, the bonus picture is a self-portrait. That's a 13th pic. Not required."

So, here are brief (and I apologize for the uninspired) snapshots of my day.

Out of focus and blurry, but if you COULD read it, it is an email from utini42 reminding me that it is "12 of 12 Day"!

Maxxxxx's breakfast

Lunch with Jimmy (you can see details here at HIS "12 of 12") and then an after lunch TREAT as See's!

Time to walk dogs at S.F. Animal Care and Control.

My favorite pooch of the day:Snowball!

The obligatory bathroom shot at SF Animal Care and Control.

Post-dog walking treat of gelato at Naia's on Castro Street, where
the bars were preparing for Mother's Day weekend, apparently.

I do return there, eventually, but first it is Opening Night of the SF DocFest at the Roxie Theatre in the Mission.

Yes, I do return to the Castro after DocFest. And why?

This should answer your question. An hour or so into the evening at the Midnight Sun. Ah, yes, a steady hand at the helm!

Not to fear, though. I sobered up at Marcello's Pizza and made it home, parking the car at 11:36 p.m.

The 'bonus shot' (taken after lunch with Jimmy and before heading to SF Animal Care and Control) of my self portrait.