Tuesday, September 12, 2006

12 of September 12

Per Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 Project:
"You take 12 pics of anything - on the 12th of each month. YOU own the rights to all of your pictures - they will not be sold into a coffee table book at the end of the year (though the concept IS mine). They can be of anything. The idea is HOW did YOU live the life YOU did on the 12th of that month. By checking all the links once they are compiled, you get to see how people lived the same day all over the world. The original concept was that there had to be at least one body part in the pic. That idea has slowly diminished. 12 pics."

This month's 'bonus pic' was to be a 'break'.

I wake up to my humming laptop as it downloads yet another BBC series.

Maxxxxx being lured, or actually chasing the camera into the shower. (In two parts.)

Posting a BRILLIANT commentary at my 'real' blog.

The view at lunch.

Post-lunch/pre-work out caffeine!

One 'warms up' by climbing these stairs to just GET to the gym!


Some shopping between the gym and the Mill Valley Film Fest press preview.

The reception at Dolby Labs before the Mill Valley Film Festival press conference.

The empty screening room, while everyone was still out in the reception.

I got home and tossed my press packets onto the bed, before uploading this month's "12 of 12".

And the 'bonus pic':


Chad said...

Maxx!! We finally get Maxx! I love the chase shot! Miss you. Hope all is well.

beth said...

Very cool pics. I love your bird!!! I'm a bird person myself. :)

Bonnie said...

What fun! Love the bird-chase. Heeeeee!

Cheers from a fellow 12-of-12er,